Coffee Martinis & Good Vibes​


Coffee Martinis & Good Vibes​


We serve coffee martinis from a cargo bicycle.

What do we do? 
Simply put, we serve coffee martinis from a cargo bicycle. The idea was born whilst travelling through Mexico City where the number of bicycle street vendors outweigh the number of restaurants & bars. The portability of a bike pulling up, serving and then riding away to another destination was really appealing. Having a large history in events & a constant passion for coffee lead us to the idea… so here we are.
How do we do it? 
We brew large 10L kegs of cold brew, mix it with alcohol and infuse it with nitrogen for a minimum of 24 hours, which sweetens it up and gives it a creamy texture. We then pour it from a specialised stout tap, where it comes out frothy like a delicious coffee thickshake.
Where can we go?
The bike is 900mm wide meaning anywhere it can fit – it will go. The bike can reach remote locations as it requires no power for cooling and minimal setup. Everything we need is inside the bike, pre-pepared and ready to serve, giving you and your guests instant cold brew coffee martinis with no lines & no fuss.  
What Events can we do? 
Weddings, work functions, hens nights, engagement parties, Christmas parties, birthday parties, …the list is infinite. We can even make it a surprise! We can be prepared and setup ready for your guests or come rolling in last minute as a surprise.

We infuse our coffee with nitrogen so it’s sweet, thick & extra creamy

Not all master chefs will reveal their recipe, but what we will tell you is that we only use natural, real ingredients from local suppliers. Our Cold Brew uses 100% arabica coffee beans from around the world. Infusing that cold brew with nitrogen enhances the coffee to be naturally sweeter, taking away acids and bitterness and the need to add sugar. The Nitrogen adds a thicker texture to the drink so it feels like you’re slurping a thick-shake and the cascading effect is mesmerising.


Brew Bikes understated & subtle design gives the ability to slot into any event, complementing your existing event styling. 


No power, no problem. Unlike other bar setups, Brew Bike has the ability to access difficult locations with ease with a zero setup or pack-down involved.


Who doesn’t love espresso martinis?


No lines & no wait time! All preparation is done offsite meaning it takes the same amount of time to pour your coffee martini as it takes to pour a beer.


We are located in Newcastle NSW servicing the Newcastle & Hunter greater area. Calls further than 1hr travel from Newcastle city incur additional travel costs. 


Our prices start at $450 a keg with a two keg minimum. This includes 2 hours of service with an experienced RSA approved bar attendant, icy cold kegs filled with Coffee martinis and of course the bike. Plastic or glass martini glasses can be provided at additional costs depending on your venue or requirements. 

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